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The house is adorned with holiday decorations. Festive music is playing. There’s magic all around as people come together to celebrate. So what do you need? Something to munch! Delight your guests with a colorful Charcuterie and Cheese Board paired with glasses of delicious, vibrant wine. It’s a perfect centerpiece for guests to gather around. Plus, it requires zero cooking.

Prophecy Pinot Noir and Prophecy Buttery Chardonnay provide guests with two distinct wine options that pair incredibly well with this holiday board. The richness and saltiness of pork-based meats bring out the flavor and balance of the Pinot Noir without overwhelming the palate. The apples and pears bring out the citrus notes in our Buttery Chardonnay. And while both wines pair well with brie, Prophecy Buttery Chardonnay's decadent layers of buttercream and mouthfeel make for an especially pleasing pairing.

The Board

First, select your board. You can use a paddle-shaped cheese board or anything with a flat surface, like a slab of marble or a wooden cutting board. It’s important that it’s large enough to hold all of your ingredients, but not so big that it can’t be passed around.

The Meats

Charcuterie meats come in varying textures and can be folded and stacked to create dimension. For this holiday pairing, use prosciutto, chorizo and salami. The prosciutto should be thinly sliced and folded into triangles. Slice and fan out the spicy chorizo and salami. For added flavor, include fig jam–which is great this time of year–and/or a selection of Dijon mustards.

The Cheeses

For cheeses, try to choose a variety of hard and soft options. Brie and cranberry goat cheese are wonderful soft cheeses while white cheddar and mozzarella balls offer a nice contrast in texture and firmness. Cut the white cheddar into squares, serve mozzarella balls as is, and provide a cheese knife so guests can help themselves.

Fruit and Nuts

Seasonal fruits such as pears, apples and pomegranates fit into the holiday theme and pair incredibly well with Prophecy Pinot Noir and Buttery Chardonnay. Green grapes provide a nice splash of color and dates and candied pecans provide texture and variety. Fresh fruit is especially useful as a palate cleanser for guests as they test the more robust flavors on the board.


Bread is essential. Cheeses and meats can be stacked on top of a sliced baguette, artisan crackers or various gluten-free options. Assembling Your Board Plan to put your board together 30 minutes to an hour before you serve it. Cheeses should be allowed to soften but not dry out. If you’d rather prep your board ahead of time, be sure to cover it with a clean cloth before placing it in the fridge.

As you assemble your board, do your best to create height—this will keep it from looking too one-dimensional. Decide on a focal point to arrange your ingredients around. Then, add dishes to the board to hold your dips, spreads and condiments. Add your folded prosciutto and stack or fan out the other meats to create the illusion of a bountiful platter. Place larger items that are easy to pick up towards the back of the board and arrange smaller items in the front. Then use fruit to break up similar colors and greens to fill in spaces and separate meats and cheeses. Have fun with it by adding some personal touches and making it your own.

The Ingredient List

(Serves 4-6 People)

  • ⅓ lb thinly sliced prosciutto
  • ⅓ lb Italian dry salami, sliced
  • ½ lb Chorizo, sliced
  • 8 oz cranberry goat cheese
  • 8 oz triple cream brie
  • 8 oz white cheddar, cubed
  • 8 oz fresh mozzarella balls
  • 5 oz candied pecans
  • 5 oz pomegranate seeds
  • 1 pomegranate cut in half
  • ½ lb dates
  • 1 lb green grapes
  • 4 rainbow pears, sliced
  • 4 green apples, sliced
  • Fig jam
  • Baguette, sliced
  • Artisan crackers

Happy Holidays. Enjoy!