Wrap it and gift it!

Discover Your Prophecy

Besides wine (obvs), what gift would they be most excited to unwrap?

What quality in them do you admire the most?

What's their favorite holiday treat?

What would be their dream winter getaway?

What's their ideal way to celebrate New Year's Eve?

Your Prophecy Reveals:

The High Priestess

Sauvignon Blanc | Grapefruit, Citrus, Pineapple

They value creativity above all else. A strong sense of intuition guides them in their relationships and day-to-day. Their primary source of energy comes from a small amount of strong friendships. 

The High Priestess inspires others to achieve their best. We channel this creativity and positive energy to craft a classic Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc ripe with expressive aromas of citrus and tropical fruits. 

Gift a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc to help inspire their creative side. 

Your Prophecy Reveals:

The Goddess of Fortune

Rosé | Strawberries, Raspberries, Hint of peach

Go with the flow is their mantra. They let the world take them wherever it may. They find joy in the journey and find happiness in themselves. 

Here one moment, gone the next—the Goddess of Fortune sits wistfully amongst the clouds. Her delicate nature is best represented in the soft yet powerful notes of strawberry, raspberry and stone fruit. 

Gift a bottle for a loved one that is positively joyful. 

Your Prophecy Reveals:

The Star

Pinot Grigio | Light citrus, Tropical fruit, Mineral

They feed off of the energy of others and are always willing to meet new people. Friends and family alike admire their effortless confidence. 

The Star is positioned with one foot in the water to represent intuition and one foot on the ground to represent practical abilities–two traits our winemakers use to craft this light-bodied wine with subtle notes of tropical fruit. 

They’ll love pouring a glass on a starry night to muse about what lies ahead beyond the holidays. 

Your Prophecy Reveals:

The Emperor

Cabernet Sauvignon | Blackberry, Plum, Oaky notes of graham cracker

They thrive as a leader and always appreciate a challenge. Their inner strength allows them to brave even the toughest of situations with ease. 

The Emperor is a natural-born leader—with a passion for life and unrelenting energy. The California Cabernet features bold and rich flavor swirling with aromas of dark fruit worthy of a king. 

A perfect gift for the bolder friend. They may even invite you over to share the spoils. 

Your Prophecy Reveals:

The Traveler

Pinot Noir | Toasted oak, Ripe raspberry, Brown spice

They find joy in adventure and can’t stand the thought of sitting still. For them, it’s never about the destination. Instead, meeting people, exploring new places and getting lost along the way is their key to true happiness. 

The Traveler is courageous and never afraid to tackle risky challenges. The Pinot Noir is vibrant and bold like the Traveler, featuring the best grapes of California crafted into an adventurous wine with aromas of oak, spice and ripened fruits. 

The perfect gift to start a night of unforgettable adventures. 

Your Prophecy Reveals:

The Lovers

Red Blend | Red fruit, Spice, Vanilla

Their natural charm and deep sense of compassion define their personality. They thrive off a few close relationships where they make an effort to form deep connections. 

The Lovers’ intertwine and harmoniously lock hands to show deep commitment to one another, reflected by the synergy of blending Washington and California grapes. Delightfully smooth, the Red Blend has a deep complex color with dark, luscious notes of cherry, raspberry and blackberry. 

A perfect gift for close friends or a couple who loves smooth, fruitful wine.